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...four parts everyday, two parts procrastination

add occasional soul chatter and stir
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I'm not really that nice a person. I am constantly told I'm generous and understanding, when on the inside I tend to hate most people and secretly curse their existence. I suppose borderline bad manners are considered interesting by some poeple, though.

I promise not to write stinking poetry or today-I-ate-this, unless it was particularly cheesy.

* * *

The basics: no longer mid-twenties, attached (so no monkey-sex propositions please), glasses-wearing, bad dancer, learning to drink wine and hoping to grow up one day soon.

I mouth the words to 'happy birthday' so no one can hear my twang.
I was once a size 8.
I would love to be a tattooed lady, but lack the artistic drive to figure out what I want to cover my body in at the moment. Just as well I have another 60 years on the earth to figure it out, right?

I study somewhat sporadically for a Business degree because I figure it's one step up the money wasting ladder from Arts, and real adults have degrees.

I love my job - I used to speak to customers all day, which drove me up the wall. Now I train people in speaking to customers in a positive and understanding manner, which rocks because I know how much it sucks to be them.

I don't like being poor, but am deathly afraid that I will continue to just stay afloat for the rest of my life... A weakness for ebay, tacky clothes and interest free periods don't help.

I will never be a barefooted backpacker for a number of reasons. My feet are ugly, I don't like being without powerpoints in the bathroom, drunk blonde people bore the shit out of me, and I'm just not that resilient.

Hates: Weak girls, healthy food, Top 40 shit.
Loves: Strong women, deep fried goodness, The P-Funk, shoes.


Christian Fundamentalists - The Official Bigots of the Anti-Gay Movement